What to wear : Winter special (3)

Hi all! If you’re still wondering what to wear this winter season, we are back with yet another set of recommendations. We are sure these outfit options will help you look chic and beautiful without freezing you to death. Intrigued?

Scroll down to check our collection and see if you can pick the right outfit without sacrificing warmth and style!

Rental price: Rs. 14,400/-

Rental price: Rs. 31,900/-

Rental price: Rs. 5,700/-

Rental price: Rs. 4,100/-

Rental price: Rs. 11,900/-

Rental price: Rs. 20,800/-

Rental price: Rs. 20,200/-

Hope you’ll liked our recommendations. You can book your favourite outfit by just logging into¬†www.datetheramp.com.



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