Bridal trends to witness this wedding season

The onset of Covid 19 had transformed our lives in all ways possible. The Indian weddings covered in the lap of luxury are nowadays aligned to adopt the minimalist approach and focus on some novel practices. From the decor, save the date photography, food menu, outfit styles, we are so keen to to adopt and customise everything for a few number of guests. Enough care is taken to welcome the minimal number of guests in the best way possible. Meanwhile, the preparations are taking a different seat and done with opulence.

We put together few such trends running in the frame, all set to define this wedding season.

The Veil and Trail

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If you are planning for a wedding album, don’t forget to include that brilliant veil shot. A must have in bridal photos, veil shot reveals the true beauty of the bride with her makeup and hair. With an elegant smile and pose, a veil shot is everyone’s favorite. Remember the bridal trail of Priyanka Chopra which was 75 ft long? Well we are talking about the long trains which is hitting the gram these days.

The Plunging Neckline

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The plunging necklines are a sartorial pick among the celebrities. We can’t go unnoticed the models of Sabyasachi who have been picking on this trend. As a trend which is not much easy to pull off, pluging necklines had made the fashion headlines among the B-town.

The Floral Kalere

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Stay ahead in this wedding season by adopting the floral kalere on your wedding to command the crowd your way. Many brides are also choosing kaleres with real flowers which are note-worthy. Baby breaths, jasmine and roses have already made to replace the traditional kalere.

The Heavy Nath Culture

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Did anyone ever realize how a tiny accessory can rule your whole look. Yes, we are talking about the heavy naths taking the upper hand turning your bridal look drool worthy! From heavy pearl embellished naths to the traditional kundan ones, brides of 2020 is celebrating the existence of their beauty.

That’s all for now, let us know which trend you’re gonna pick this wedding season through the comments!



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