Bridal Shower Tips and Tricks

Bridal Shower is a celebration hosted by the closer ones for the bride to shower her with love, care and lot of gifts. It’s just a day event with only the ‘girls’, which is traditionally meant to offer gifts to the bride for setting up her new home. But millenials are interested in an extravagant celebration by throwing theme parties. This theme bash is filled with color, food, drinks and of course, a lot of laughter.



Based on the preferences of the bride, the hosting team usually organizes fun games, photo booths, pastries, and decor. Also, this is the time to gift the bride with anything she love. This is also the time when all girls in the family shower her with well wishes and blessings.


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Anyone from the wedding list can be a guest for the bridal shower hosted 2-3 weeks before the wedding. Always try to keep few showers and make sure the same guest is not invited twice. We are just saying you don’t mix your friends from college and work together. Usually the guests involves the closest friends and family of the bride. If the bridal shower is a surprise, then usually the maid of honor organizes the guest list thinking about the bride’s likes.


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Venue for a bridal shower usually used to be the home of the host. If that’s not feasible, you can also check up on any restaurants and cafes which offer party spaces and similar services. You can also hire a decor team, so that you don’t have to be busy blowing the balloons and setting up the backdrop. An amazing venue will make your guests keep buzzing till the wedding.

Dress Code

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Dress code for the bridal showers differ as per the location, formality, type of guests and size of the event. A simple function at hotel with your gang would just need a set of pyjamas, while an event with almost 20-30 people would call for celebratory outfits. You can wear a prom dress, a pair of sequin crop top and tulle skirt or even a pencil skirt with an off-shoulder top. It is better to opt the neutrals, pastels and florals over black or white.

Bridal shower is where you actually shower all the best for the bride for her married life. As the transition from Miss to Mrs is pretty difficult one, it would be best to catch up with the close people who have been through a lot together. Don’t forget to give some thank you notes to all those who had attended the shower and yes, make the bride dance to her favorite tune!



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