How to Click Spot-on Pictures!

I mean, who doesn’t like taking a good picture after all? But we often miss the minute essentials that actually make a picture look good or we get stuck with the usual poses which is almost no good to feel flattered. Awesome pictures are not just depended on a good camera and a talented photographer or even Photoshop. The poser is as much responsible for making the picture look professional. Let’s take a look at the details of how life is blown into a picture.

1. Smile like you mean it.


Except for serious pictures, smiling makes a photograph look really full of life. It doesn’t have to be a show of teeth. But, just a faint smile on that face would make it so many times better! So, say cheeeeese please!

2. Chin up, lips apart.

It’s not as weird as it sounds. Putting the chin down and face restricted unless you’re taking a picture where you have to look at your feet makes you look not very confident and the jawline doesn’t come in focus as much. Also, not sealing your lips makes the appeal of the picture even more adorable and the it is a picture perfect!

3. Cross your legs.


This, as Instagram would put it, is BASIC. Crossing your legs makes you look sleeker and the silhouette prettier. It also attracts attention to your shoes so the whole outfit is in the spotlight now!

4. Lift the arm.

Straightening your arms and taking a picture might just make them look fat. But if you hold your waist by it or even bring it out in front of you, that might just do the trick of your accentuating your figure well.

5. Pose the hair.


Not just the outfit or the make-up, your hairstyle and how they are kept plays a good deal in making you look good in the picture. Do a hairstyling that goes well with what you are wearing. And, flaunt them for the camera 😉

6. Show emotions.


If you’re capturing a moment and saving it forever, would you like it to say nothing at all? Talk to the camera, let it see if you’re happy, angry, sad or just in one of your moods. Expression plays a key role in showcasing that. So, just let your face and body language show how you’re actually feeling.

7. Loosen up, play around.


Play it cool. Don’t get too cautious. Be yourself and have a little fun with the camera. If you actually enjoy yourself, that’s what the camera will actually capture. What’s the worst case scenario? You might need to click another photo 😛




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