A-Z Fashion Glossary: ‘F’ Stands for?

‘F’ stands for Fashion Industry. 😉 People who are not a part of fashion industry usually thinks its all about glamour. But, that’s not true. It takes a lot of effort to transform the ideas from paper to an actual end product. Watching the models on a runway will only give you a glimpse of a designer’s aesthetics. It will hide away all the struggle that the team has put to make it happen, from sourcing to dying to printing to cutting to stitching to trials to fittings to steam ironing clothes again & again to make up to hairdo and what not. It’s a business which looks fancy to the world. Now, let’s focus on some other ‘F’ words as well!

F stands for Fit & Flare dress!

These are dresses that are fitted till waist(fitted bodice) and “flare” out below the waist, It is a style that flatters most body types and can go from casual to formal depending on how it is cut. Wine Bhaavya Bhatnagar’s fit-and-flare long dress is one of my favorite picks for a date night. And for brunch get this fit-and-flare dress from Not So Serious.

F stands for Flounce!

The term flounce refers to a strip of material usually gathered or pleated attached by one edge, as on a garment or curtain. This above example is by Sougat Paul(SOUP) pair it with drop earrings, white heels & leave your hair open to own the night.

F stands for Fringe!

Fringe is a border made of hanging threads used to decorate the edge of something (such as clothing, rugs, and curtains). It is a trend now, you will see a lot of designers using different types of fringe. Above are two designers who have used two different types of fringes and in two different styles, Deme By Gabriella has used this thread fringe trim on the sleeves where else Sougat Paul has used Gold fringe on his saree gown.

F stands for Full-Circle Skirt!

A skirt made from a circle of fabric with an opening in the center for the waist. Above are the two designer full circular skirts. The first one is perfect for a dinner date by Bhaavya Bhatnagar, on the other hand, this applique work organza full circular skirt by Pallavi Mohan is perfect & unique for brunch pair it with a spaghetti top & a jacket over it with sneakers for a sporty yet casual look 😉

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