Floral trends for 2021

The impact of Covid-19 are so much that the ways and norms of celebrations have taken a 360 degree turn. Consequently the use of flowers for the celebrations had also witnessed a comeback through the intimate weddings. Now a days, with an event with just 50-100 pax, decor and food are having the luxury. As the number of guests decreases, so do the expenses. and this had paved way to focus more on the decor, costumes, food and another delicacies.

Even if the florals are not your thing, flowers are the best and creative way to adorn your big day in colors. It is not just about the decor, but also the best memories captured in the high resolution photographs. Sometimes, we even doubt the millennials are marrying for good pictures and thus spending fortune to get good clicks to cherish for lifetime.

Scroll down to watch out for the flowers to use to make your wedding look efflorescent!


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Micro weddings are paving path for elegant decors and delectable cuisine. Flowers make your backdrops and venue vivid and scenic. From the pre wedding shoots to the post wedding parties, flowers have taken their part in one or the other way.

So what you waiting for, start planning your special events with the flowers to get a memorable venue!



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