4 Classic Indian Bridal Jewellery Styles

Remember the rani haar set Priyanka Chopra Jonas paired up with her all red Sabyasachi lehenga? Almost everyone out there had been awestruck at the beauty exuding from aad- featured centre pieces of Sonam Kapoor on her D-day!

Jewelry is always added to any look to enhance the elegance of the whole outfit. Apart from being a style statement, it also shows off the power, status and wealth of the family. Infact, the wedding season calls in for variety of styles and patterns in Indian bridal jewelry. So here we are putting forward few bridal jewelry styles for you to take inspiration from on your big day.

Meenakari Necklaces

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Not a fan of embedded stones and heavy jewellery? We have got your back, opt for a meenakari bridal set over the traditional kundan and polki styles. A meenakari jewellery basically comes in a colored pattern on its metallic surfaces. If there is one style which gives a boho and colourful vibe to your look, then its definitely this enamelled wonders in the jewellery styles. Apart from the classic reds and pinks, the meenakari also comes in pastels like mint green, turquoise, baby pink and many more in the palette. If you want to go experimental then this is the right style for you!

Polki Set

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With the roots of the Mughals, this style of jewellery depicts the originality with the uncut diamonds and moulding. The unpolished and unprocessed feel of the jewellery in itself adds the demand and cost to it unlike its pair- the kundan style. As they are close to their true form they tend to be brighter and glossier compared to the counterparts. Indeed it is their raw nature and shine which makes them heavy on pocket.

Kundan Set

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Similar to Polki jewellery, kundan also shows similar luminescence and exhibits royalty in its elements. But what makes both apart is the fact that kundans are made of glass. The back of these sets are enamelled and adorned to make them more beautiful on the bride. Glass is coupled with gem stones and embedded over the framework to give a lustrous look.

Jadau Jewelry

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Think about the breathtaking look of Bipasha Basu wearing a heavy Rajasthani jadau and poli set on her wedding while taking pheras with her husband Karan Singh Grover. A style brought to India by the mughals, and taken over by the rajasthani craftsmen, Jadau jewellery had always tried to capture every bride’s likes from time immemorial. The making of this jewellery involves ingraining precious stones and pearls in to sheets of gold and then heating it for a antique and raw look. An uncut diamond jadau set is all you need to bring out the diva in you.

Jewelry originated as an accessory to adorn our gods and goddesses and was embraced by every women to keep up the grace in her. From maang tika to bichua, every piece of jewelry is proved to play an important role in the whole look of any bride. So which style are you going to choose on your D-day? Let us know through the comments section below!



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