Beauty trends to try this season!

The most #trending look this season is nude makeup and bold eyes. Nude makeup does not mean that you’re going without cosmetics, but simplifying your makeup color palette by using neutral colors such as beige, peach, rose and other related shades that match your skin tone perfectly. The only thing you keep in mind is that the colors should not wash you out. Choose your shades wisely and enhance your natural look.

With this look, eyes and lips take center stage, which adds a lot of drama to your face while also keeping it toned down. Going all out with the eye makeup will glam up your look this festive season.

From smokey eyes to glitter, we’ve listed some latest beauty trends that you can try and solve your beauty woes.

Nude eyes

A nude eye is a beauty staple. If you’re looking for barely-there look, then this is for you. Use shades ranging from peach to warm rich browns to achieve the ultimate nude glam. It works well with minimalistic outfits and statement ones too! This look literally looks good on everyone.

Glitter eyes

Go blingy and achieve a striking look with the use of glitter. Highlight your eyes with glittery eyeshadow or eyeliners and experiment with glitter lipsticks. Don’t have to load up your lids with it, but believe in less is more.

Matte eyes

If you’re wearing a shimmery ensemble, then try to balance out the look with nude makeup and matte eyes. This look is perfect for those days where you want to look glamorous, but you don’t feel like shimmery or glittery eyeshadows. Pick your mattifying products to ace this trend.

Smokey eyes

When in doubt, turn to the hottest #1 beauty trend of all time which is smokey eyes. Though the technique is difficult, done right, you’ll look amazing. Instead of going for the traditional black smokey eye, experiment with colors like golden, burgundy, red or any other color that matches your outfit and transform your basic look into an escalated glam look.

Aren’t you in love with these trends already? We are sure you’ll stand out from the crowd if you try them. Let us know which look is your favourite in the comments section below.



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