DIY Indian Wedding Decorations

Thinking of a simple wedding that would fit any budget without compromising on fun and any festivities? Now that we are in “COVID” crisis, we see a lot of couples opting for an intimate micro wedding, while keeping everyone’s health and wellbeing on priority. To make your life and planning your wedding a lot more easier, we rounded up several DIYs that you and your partner can easily pursue for your special day.

Eclectic Centrepiece

Adding some greenery to the decor is always a good idea. What can be better than a low maintenance plants like succulents. They make for a great centrepieces if you’re opting for greenery over flowers. Just add some candles around it and this cute DIY project looks expensive but costs next to nothing!

Personalised Tags for your Chair Backs

Never thought that these labels will look so elegant and cute hung on the back of the chair? Personalise it by writing your nicknames on a fancy piece of paper or a frame. You can always decorate it with some ferns and leaves to make it more attractive.

Print your own welcome board

It’s always a good idea to personalise and give your touch to even little details. You can easily design even a menu card or table numbers as per your style aesthetics.

Create a beautiful Photo-booth Backdrop

Time to put those art and craft classes to some use? You can hang on beautiful dream catchers for perfect bohemian vibes or can opt for colourful kites or paper fans as a backdrop for a vibrant and cheerful overall aesthetic.

Prompt a visual guestbook

For a fun twist on usual wedding photographs, have your guests take polaroids of themselves at the wedding and add that in a keepsake guest book. You can even ask them to add a special message or a marriage advice they would like to give you on the polaroid.

We hope that these DIY ideas will help you plan your dream wedding. Take your time and create these easy DIYs for perfect wedding decorations.



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