Outfit Themes for Your Pre Wedding Photoshoot (PARK/GARDEN)

Park/Garden theme is by far the most common theme that couples choose because parks and gardens are pretty easy to access and use. Plus the scenic background condones wearing almost anything that you prefer. Nature forgives all. Well sort of.

Outfit ideas for Park/Garden

1. Hair In The Wind

Although the model’s Instagram has expired, the beauty of the picture lives on. In the picture, the dress is by Ash Haute Couture which is a beautiful dress that shows us that flowers are love’s truest language. The beautiful floral pattern over the silky mint fabric and the halter neck with crossed back add to the charm of this popular dress style. Wear this for your pre wedding photoshoot and let nature do its thing. Both in the background as well as your outfit!

2. Natural Diva

Who would have thought that cocktail dresses could be worn to a park and that it wouldn’t look out of place? This blogger gives us an idea about how it depends on you to rock your outfits no matter where you pose. Brides-to-be can choose this black gown from Deme by Gabriella with a thigh-high slit to showcase.

3. Green Maxi

This maxi dress sure does sing a thousand stories. With a splendid broomstick skirt design, this printed dark green dress does wonders to the eye with its mystical design. Perfect for your dream shoot at the park or at the garden setting.

4. Skirt Power

This green flared skirt is chic and elegant, and will perfectly complement your classy style. It’s easy and comfortable, a style that everybody can resonate with. Any elaborate skirt with a simple classic top will do for this theme. The skirt in this picture is the green flared skirt by Bhaavya Bhatnagar and the top worn by blogger Bhavna is the Biker Top by Deme by Gabriella. 

5. Shirt Power

Have a shirt feeling more than a dress feeling? No problem at all. Like I said, nature forgives all. You can wear any kind of patterned shirt with blue or black jeans and call it a day. As long as you are confident with what you’re wearing, no one can stop you. Make sure you get the right makeup look for this theme. That could be a make or break.

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