A-Z Fashion Glossary: ‘E’ Stands for?

The first thing that hit my mind starting from E is Elements of Design (E.O.D). It must be new for you guys. EOD is like the grammar of designing only after learning and understanding it, a designer enables itself to communicate with the fashion industry. EOD consist of Dot, line, shape, color, texture, space & form. Let’s understand EOD in dept later and do the basics now. Embellishment, empire line & ensemble these are the terms which we are going to learn today.

E stands for Embellishment!

Any, decorative addition on the garment to make it look more interesting to it is called as an embellishment. It could be embroidery, lace, piping, fringe or sometimes even trims are used as embellishment. This cool embellished bomber jacket is by Ritu Kumar. You can wear it over anything from a spaghetti dress to a saree trust me it will always look stunning & so now. Next, I have got this embellished neckline dress by Satya Paul it’s a classic piece in itself. Pair it with all golden accessories and be a head-turner.

E stands for Empire Waistline!

Empire waistline is a high-waistline or a waistline that lies under bust. This empire silhouette is best for plus size & for apple body shape as it hides away all the flaws and emphasizes the best features of your body. Black empire-line top is by Ritu Kumar & the pink Anarkali is by JJ Valaya.

E stands for Ensemble!

An ensemble is a complete look from head to toe put together. Here, in DTR we curate beautiful ensembles which you can rent for any occasion. From a date night to a wedding we have an ensemble for every occasion. Have a look right here…

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