A-Z Fashion Glossary: ‘D’ stands for?

Some fashion terms starting from ‘D’ that you must know are a dart, dirndl, dolman sleeve, drop shoulder & drape. Let’s see what all does it mean and where do we go wrong. I have seen so many people saying to a local tailor (Bhaiya tucks maar doo) but what you mean is a Dart, not a tuck. Next time you go to a tailor better correct yourself and let him/her know as well.

D stands for Dart!

Dart is a V-shaped fold which is sewn into fabric to take in ease (excess) and provide shape to a garment, especially for a woman’s bust. It is an essential part of garment construction because they allow the flat fabric to take on a shape that will fit the body well. Darts are very rarely used for decorative purposes like providing a design line. Above is an example of a fitted crop top/blouse with three darts on either side you can have a look on more crop top/blouses right here…

D stands for Dolman Sleeve!

Dolman sleeve is very wide at the armhole & fitted at the wrist often cut in one piece with the bodice. This style will look great on a pear shape body. It will make your body look well proportionate. I have got a designer variation of dolman sleeve which you can rent here…

D stands for Drape!

Draping plays a very important role in haute couture. It is a process of positioning and pinning the fabric onto the dress form as desired design. It gets tough to mass produce a draped garment as to make a paper pattern of it is time-consuming. So usually only one standard size is produced in haute couture. If you wish to try one of the best designers draped garment then please check Shantanu & Nikhil’s collection they are specialized in draped garments.

D stands for Dirndl!

A  dirndl is a full skirt with gathered waist and usually falls below knee. If you want a contemporary version of dirndl and not the traditional one then definitely try SOUP by sougat paul’s maxi dress. It’s the modern version of what dirndl looks like.

D stands for Drop Shoulder!

The shoulder line of a garment is extended beyond the top of the upper arm. Sometimes when you wear an oversized garment, you can have the same look as a dropped shoulder. Here is Satya Pauls dropped shoulder shirt which you can pair with jeans, tuck in at center front for a polished look, wear frames with messy open hair for a flirtatious geeky look.

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