Recreating The Fashion Trends of the 1800s with Date The Ramp!

The era when people actually took into account the importance of style and fashion as being informal, fun and casual. They actually discovered what suited and looked good on their bodies. It was not just about the high-class people, the middle-class also entitled themselves to some fashion of their own. Even though the fashion trend did not have a very drastic change in India, the West came across a few. Let’s discover how Date The Ramp can take you back to the 1800s!

1. Flare of the 1800s: Gowns.


Gowns have been in the trend since a pretty long time. Easy to wear and looking perfectly sleek on the body, it makes for the one of the best go-to outfits that it is. Women in that era sported short sleeves sometimes, and sometimes preferred covering their wrists up to their throats. Heavy work on the clothing was avoided and was usually made with lace and netting. High-necks and long-sleeves were the highlights of those days. But, again, have they ever gone out of style anyway? Check some out here!

2. Sarees: The Pride of India.


Saris have been worn by women since time immemorial and even to this day, they haven’t lost their charm. The pallav, the choli, the pleats and the flowy nature of the saris make it the one of the most elegant and ever-green outfits worn by women ever. India has a variety of saris and several different ways to wear them but the essence of all of it remains constant. DTR brings to you a collection of some of the most adored saris of Indian women. Check them out here.

3. Anarkali Shalwar Suits.


Like the delicate bud of the pomegranate flower, this style of outfit blooms with all its charm in many ways than one! A striking attraction during the era of Mughals, this dress has grace cuddled up all the way to the floor. Discover more of Anarkalis and Suits here!

Though the outfit options were limited and and there was a new bud blooming into the fashion industry of casual and informal trends, the fashion sense in the 1800s was that of grace and charm. Try some of these in and take a short journey into that era.






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