Outdated Fashion Rules That You Should Break!

We have some rules set in the fashion industry and breaking them might make you look more like a weirdo. But as Chanel rightly put it, “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” Today, fashion isn’t restricted to few choice and colours and outfit. It is much more than that. It is strange, unique and out-of-the-box. And, also because rules are made to be broken, today we are all set to break a few ourselves. Let’s see what age-old fashion rules we need to break from and set the trend for today!

Show your belly only if you have it flat! ×

No, no and no! People are entitled to love their bodies just the way it is and it is so unfair that this is how we feel. Crop tops are cool, trendy and comfortable and who are we to tell who’s to wear what, right? Lehengas are classy and elegant and everyone deserves to be adorned in one. Live and let live 😀

Here’s some cool designer crop tops and lehengas if you want to show your tummy off.


No Black for Summers! ×

But, why not? The way we are treating Earth, I don’t think black is the reason we are facing intolerable summers. Wear any colour and within no time, it is bound to get wet and sticky. But, black, on the other hand hides that! Black can be cut into short skirts or a breezy maxi dress and give you the perfect summer vibes.


Pastels? Only for when it’s Spring! ×

Why not? I will wear my pastels anywhere and anytime. They are chic, fabulous and soothing. For people not advocating for too bold, pastel is their safe place. Soft, smooth and complements well with all kinds of skin tones!


Sequins in the night; the sun shines too much in the day already! ×

Is it wrong to shine throughout the day? I don’t think so! Wear sequins in the day time and shimmer your way through the crowd. Clutches, pants, shirts, tops, shoes. Shine all the way!




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