How To Wear The ’70s Trend with DTR!

We are all up for vintage, classic and something like ‘That 70’s show’, aren’t we? Describing impeccable fashion sense and the kind where no criticism can be passed belonged to the fashion era of the 70’s. With poncho and sequins and the scarves- it all came with a funky style and a truly contagious trend. Starting with the hippie look to the disco-freak, it had no rules. It was about individuality and went in all directions.  Luckily, DTR helps you keep in touch with the ’70s trend. Oh, and how awesome is it when it comes directly from the designers?!

Here, check a few out! And, if you are wondering where to get them, just click on the pictures!

1. Jumpsuits.


Jumpsuits have been in the trend since a pretty long time but really came into the picture in the ’70s. A comfortable single piece of costume but with pants, who would say No? The ’70s never compromised with comfort for style, indeed.

2. Crop Tops.


Crop tops with high-rise jeans or a high-waist skirt were a thing in the ’70s. Although crop tops were introduced in the 1930-40s, especially, due to fabric rationing during the World War II, they came into acceptance only in the 1970s. Flat tummies and a chic figure went well with the trend of wearing Crop Tops. DTR brings you a tinge of this trend with a mix of a shade of modernity.

3. Headbands.


Headbands came into the picture Before Christ. But, they really were held as a symbol of looking cool and considered important around the ’70s. Mostly hippies wore them as paisley bandanas imitating the guerrillas but even the rockstars started wearing them in their shows to look cooler.

4. Off-shoulder of the ’70s.


Off-the-shoulder, otherwise known as Bardot style, have been known since the mid-1800s but they were in trend in the ’70s when Brigitte Bardot set the style on fire again. With open shoulders, this style won hearts by showing off the collar-bones. A classic and evergreen style statement.

5. Sequins.


The 19th century embraced shiny metal in the making of sequins. Sequin-embellished dresses and tops and pants were all set to shimmer their way through the most impactful fashion trend in the ’70s.

Now we know where to pick up all the styles of the ’70s and carry it effortlessly without second thoughts! Explore more of Date The Ramp here!



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