A-Z Fashion Glossary: ‘Q’ stands for?

The only fashion word I can think of starting from ‘Q’ is QUILTING. So, this blog is all about quilting. Quilting is a needlework technique involving two or more layers of fabric, usually sandwiched with padding of some sort (usually foam sheet), stitched together in a decorative pattern. In Asia quilting is also called as Razai & Dohar. Some of you must be familiar with it. We will be learning four basic types of quiltings that are pieced, applique, paper pieced & English paper pieced.

Pieced Quilting!


Blocks are sewn together, pressed, and sewn into larger rows and columns to create the entire quilt. These are typically quilted with an all-over pattern by hand or machine. Above is one of the contemporary examples of pieced quilting.

Applique Quilting!


I hope you guys remember what applique is. If not let me remind you again applique means using different shapes of fabrics and sewing it to another fabric or garment in order to decorate the base material. After making the design it is then quilted with either hand or machine. The first one is a modern example where else the second is a bit traditional.

Paper Pieced Quilting!

This technique involves sewing pieces of fabric to a paper foundation following a numerical sequence. Seam lines are traced on the foundation. The pieces of fabric are sewn onto the back side of this foundation (unmarked side – actually the right side of the block). This sewing technique on a foundation allows one to work with very small and uneven pieces with great accuracy, as all sewing takes place along straight lines.

English Paper Piecing!

English paper piecing is typically a hand-sewing quilting technique. You simply buy or make template pieces out of paper, then “wrap” the fabric around these pieces, paste and press. A small whipstitch is used to piece the hexagons together and then the paper is removed. Above are the examples of it.

Basic Quilting!


So above are the examples of the most basic type of quilting which you must have seen a lot of times. But, didn’t know what is it called. Therefore, from now on whenever you want to buy this detail just ask for it like a quilted dress or quilted jacket, or quilted bag and so on…

That’s all I have got. See you guys soon with the next blog. 🙂



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