A-Z Fashion Glossary: ‘B’ Stands for?

There is so much in fashion to learn about. Every now and then there is something new in fashion. It could be a style, fabric or sometimes just a new buzzword. But, let us know the basics first and then try to dig in even more. This blog will be about ‘B’. how many fashion words can you think of starting from ‘B’? Umm.. you must be thinking bra, bikini, belt, buckle, bow, blouse, bag, button, backless etc. These are some of the most common words which almost all of us are aware of. But, let us go lil further and learn more.

B stands for BELL SLEEVE

namrata joshipura

A bell sleeve can be either long or short and is usually set smoothly into the armscye (no pleating or shirring) and flares toward the bottom. Bell sleeves end anywhere from elbow to wrist.  First one is an example of a short bell sleeve by Namrata Joshipura.  Next is an example of a long bell Sleeve by Abha Chaudhary.

B Stands for BIAS

deme by gabriella

Essentially, it’s when the fabric of a garment is cut at a diagonal angle (true bias means fabric that is cut on 45 degrees). This technique takes advantage of the greater stretch in the bias, which in turn, accentuates body lines and curves, and allows the fabric to drape softly. First one is by Ash Haute Couture. The second one is a full circular skirt which is always cut in bias.

B stands for BISHOP SLEEVE

Ritu kumar dress Deme by gadriella gown

Bishop is a long full sleeve usually gathered on a wristband. It looks elegant when done with lightweight fabrics like chiffon or georgette. Here first is chiffon bishop sleeve by Ritu Kumar & second is georgette bishop sleeve by Deme by Gabriella.

B stands for BLOUSON

ritu kumar's dress ritu kumar's jumpsuit

A garment having a drawstring, belt, or similar closing, at or below the waist, which causes it to blouse. The first one is by Ritu Kumar where the blouson has elastic at waist & second Jumpsuit has belt blouson. 

B Stands for BOXY

ash haute couture boxy crop top Ritu kumar

Boxy word is used when the silhouette created gives the illusion of a “box-like effect” on a person. This illusion tends to be made on the top half of the body. Or to make it simple all dartless garments which mean loose fit garments are boxy. The 1st boxy top is by Ash Haute Couture & second boxy shift dress is by Ritu Kumar.

Let me know if it was helpful and comment below if you know more fashion words starting from B it would be really helpful for everyone. Toodles 🙂



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