Dating the Ramp with Shantanu and Nikhil

Amalgamating the aesthetics of the age-old Indian culture with the changing values of the couture trend in accordance with the modern-day world, Shantanu and Nikhil have successfully build an empire of unique designs of garments and that, which looks pleasing and glamorous to the eyes. They have tried to keep the essence of the Indian style of dressing alive but not been so adamant as to not let the West pass its light through the breach. Their designs have been adorned by Deepika Padukone, Sonakshi Sinha, Dia Mirza, Arjun Kapoor, Serena Williams, Hrithik Roshan and Aditya Roy Kapoor, to name a few. Oh, the duo has taken the fashion industry by surprise and I don’t think they need any more introduction!

Who among us hadn’t wished to wear a designer garment once in a while? Of course, we have. Keeping in mind the same wish, DTR has picked out a few of Shantanu and Nikhil’s masterpieces that celebrities and models wore and if you’d like to flaunt them too, DTR has a buttload of collection for you!

1. Killing the ramp with some Dabangg.


An aura of grace and elegance comes flowing with this Light-gold hued Pleated Dress. Shantanu and Nikhil have gone an extra mile by giving life to this design by transitioning well from an exquisite idea to transforming it into a tasteful flowy dress. Carried so fiercely by Sonakshi Sinha, the beauty of this dress is unfolded numerous times. Want this look for yourself? Get it here!

2. Black can never go wrong!


Sure thing! There is no second thought that crosses one when it comes to wearing black. Sleek, stylish, smooth. This Classy Black Lehenga is one such kind. The gold zari work of detailed leaf patterns all over the lehenga is an illustration of finesse. The sophisticated and elegant stature of the lehenga displays confidence and beauty all in one roll. Pragya Jaiswal has done absolute justice with this dress! This dress is just one click away from your fingertips.

3. The Midnight-Black Fairy Look.


Oh so beautiful Genelia looks in this Midnight-black Anarkali Outfit! Black-laced work on the blouse and threads of black sewn together leaves us in awe of the look. Exemplar in form, this is a perfect go-to look for any occasion- simple or fancy. The best part of this garment is that it can be paired up with heavy accessories or light and still turn heads. Click here to make this yours and own it like a queen!

4. Dressed like the Queen.


This Regal Navy-blue Gown is one of its kind! Exemplar beauty adorned with zardozi work is a perfect pick for a fancy evening. Showcasing the fragrance of a queen, this gown is a first-class brainchild of the duo. Bipasha Basu carries this beauty in all its grace. You want to look like the Mother of Dragons, don’t you? Here is your way!

5. The Phoenix Look.


The fiery golden-brown hue of this Frilly Taffeta Silk Gown is why we are drooling over the artistic creativity of the duo designer. Every single detail of this piece is finely displayed in a unique style. The cut-out in the middle section, the intricate embellishment on the bodice, and the commodious frills makes you own it in your way. This dress certainly has a sparkle of charm in it. Get some charm on yourself here.

6. All dressed up in Lavendar.


Dressed in an All-lavender Evening Kurta Set, Dia Mirza is all set to break hearts. A perfectly simple dress with shiny adornments in the neck section, and a pair of matching pants, she seems to be planning to own the look with class. This could be all yours, you just need to click here!

Get your own designer outfits and get ready to date the ramp 😉



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